WOODSTICKS Wood-fired breadsticks with garlic butter & pazzo cheese dip – $7.95
BURNT ENDS Charred brisket ends tossed in Memphis sauce & served on a slice of Texas toast – $12.50
HOUSE-SMOKED CHICKEN WINGS Served big & naked with table sauces. – 6 @ $11.95; 12 @ 21.95; dress 'em Nashville hot style for 6 @ 12.50; 12 @ 22.25 (get a buttermilk blue cheese & celery side for $3)
SMOKED SALMON PATE Scratch-made w/house-smoked salmon, served with crackers – $9.95
DEEP FRIED PICKLES Beer-battered, served w/ Memphis mayo – $5.95

WOODSHOP CHILI House-smoked ground beef – $6.50 (smoked sour cream & cheddar 1.00)

CAESAR Romaine, Texas Toast croutons, pecorino cheese, Caesar dressing –– Small $6.95 –– Large – $12.50 Add smoked chicken or pulled pork for – $5.95
CHERRY PORK SALAD House-smoked pulled pork, romaine, dried Michigan cherries & crispy fried onions with our honey mustard dressing –– Small – $10.95 –– Large – $16.95
COCO HOUSE SALAD Mixed greens, marinated tomatoes, fried chickpeas, feta, and red wine vinaigrette –– Small – $5.95 –– Large – $10.95

All samiches come with potato salad
GRILLED CHICKEN CLUB Marinated grilled chicken breast, house maple bacon, house-smoked cheddar, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and Memphis mayo on a burger bun – $14.25
PULLED PORK Pulled pork tossed in North Carolina sauce with pickled chilies & coleslaw on a Kaiser – $13.50

All burgers served on a house-made bun and with our house-cut fries, best enjoyed flipped (we're not sure why, but it's true)
WOODSHOP BURGER Half-pound Angus beef patty topped with our smoked cheddar, house-made maple bacon, sliced pickles, onion rings & Memphis mayo – $15.50
THE PORKER House-ground pork patty, house made Michigan maple bacon, house-made hot link, pickled chilies, Woodshop cold smoked cheddar, South Carolina mayo – $15.95 (SERVED MEDIUM)
JUICY LUCY Angus beef patties stuffed with American cheese, and pickled red onion – $14.50 (COOKED UNTIL PROPERLY JUICY)
THE PRETENDER House-made vegan patty, coal-fired tomatoes, arugula, goat cheese, shiitake bacon, and roasted garlic balsamic mayo – $15.50

Crafted and caramelized in our wood burning oven
YOU CHOOSE PIZZA Our base pizza includes our house cheese blend & tomato sauce. Add any item below. The Pie – $10.95
SAUCES Crushed tomato basil sauce, Garlic butter, Memphis sauce, Lockhart spicy sauce
VEGETABLES, ETC. (+$1 ea.) Marinated tomatoes, Arugula, Shallots, Onions, Pickled chilies, Sliced mushrooms, Shiitake bacon (2.00), Pineapple (1.50), Fresh basil (.50)
CHEESES (+$1.75 ea.) House blend, Smoked cheddar, Fresh mozzarella
MEATS (+$2 ea.) House-made maple bacon, Pepperoni, Smoked chicken, Pulled pork, Smoked Tasso ham (2.50), Hot link sausage, Brisket, Prosciutto

MARGHERITA Fresh mozzarella, crushed tomato basil sauce, marinated tomatoes, fresh basil – $13.50
ROCKET Prosciutto, cheese blend, crushed tomato basil sauce, arugula – $13.50
WOODSHOP Smoked chicken, pulled pork, brisket, onions, Memphis sauce, cheese blend – $15.95
'SHROOM Sliced mushrooms, shallots, cheese blend, garlic butter sauce – $11.95
PINEAPPLE & TASSO House-smoked Tasso ham, grilled fresh pineapple, red onions, crushed tomato basil sauce, cheese blend – $14.95
LOADED POTATO Red skin potatoes, smoked cheddar, cheese blend, shiitake bacon, sour cream, chives, garlic butter sauce – $13.50

Choose any meat option with your choice of two different sides & a corn muffin with whipped sweet butter
Get a smoked meat sidecar: pulled pork, brisket, white or dark meat chicken

WOODSHOP 101 Quarter chicken choice of white or dark meat, choice of pulled pork or brisket or house-made hot link, plus 2 bones of back ribs – $24.95
HALF CHICKEN Lightly rubbed & hardwood smoked right out back – $18.25
PULLED PORK Pulled pork butt, smoked overnight in the backlot with green hardwood – $18.50
BEEF BRISKET Heavily rubbed & smoked for 14 hours slow & low in green hardwood – $19.50
SPARE RIBS Kanas City cut, rubbed & smoked, these are a larger and more serious rib... finish when we see the smoke ring –– 1/2 slab – $21.95 –– full slab – $29.95
BACK RIBS There's nothing baby about our back ribs... unpeeled & smoked until they pull clean from the bone... served with your choice of two different sides & a corn muffin with whipped sweet butter –– 1/2 slab – $29.95 –– Full slab – $34.95

CEDAR PLANKED SALMON Atlantic salmon grilled on Michigan cedar, your choice of two sides – $23.95
UNION MAC & CHEESE Vermont sharp cheddar, Pinconning, penne rigate, bechamel, parmesan & crunchy crust – $16.95 (add house-cut ham for $2.00)
GLUTEN-FREE UNION MAC & CHEESE Vermont sharp cheddar, Pinconning, ziti rice noodles, gluten-free bechamel, parmesan & crunchy flour-less crust –– Half – 12.95

+$4.50 ea. unless included
Potato salad | Collard greens with house-smoked bacon | Sweet potato mash with charred jalapeño & Michigan maple syrup | Green bean casserole | Seasonal vegetable: a rotating local offering | Diane's cheesy potatoes | Hand-cut home fries served with Memphis mayo | BBQ baked beans | Union Mac & Cheese (side order) (4.95) | Hand-dipped onion rings Beer-battered served with Memphis mayo | Old school slaw

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Tomato & vinegar base, middle of the road, not too sweet or too spicy
LOCKHART, TEXAS Tomato based & very spicy with chipotle
HOLLY HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA Mustard & vinegar base, tangy & slightly sweet
DECATUR, ALABAMA "Alabama White Sauce", thin mayonnaise based, peppery & tart with a bit of horseradish
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Thin, vinegar based sauce, very tangy & spicy
HELL, MICHIGAN Ghost chili plus four others, capsaicin extract, Red Stag by Jim Beam & local maple syrup
KOREATOWN, LA Sweet & slightly spicy with garlic, ginger, scallion, soy sauce & Asian Pear

All served with some sort of fruit or vegetable
CHICKEN TENDERS Two chicken tenders served with house-cut fries – $5.95
KIDS' COCO PIZZA Cheese or pepperoni – $5.95
WOODCHIP BURGER 4oz ground beef patty with or without American cheese & sliced pickles, served with a tasty mound of our house-cut fries – $5.95
Side of UNION MAC & CHEESE It's the stuff of legend! – $5.95

BOTTLES OF SAUCE Memphis - Lockhart - SC - 'Bama - Korean - NC - Hell – $6 per/12oz
SMOKED HOT LINKS House-made smoked, spicy sausage – $3.95 per/6-pack 18
SLICED MICHIGAN MAPLE BACON – $8.50 per half pound
THE GAME DAY Pulled pork, wings, Take & Bake mac, BBQ Sauce, chips & queso with nacho fixings – $54

Ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order or served raw.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.